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GT Conference in Riccione

Michele De Capitani lecturer at GT Conference


Convegno GT

Guida Seo

Copertina Guida SEO

SEO Guide

Cover of Michele’s SEO guide, published and distributed by Edizioni Master.

Bocconi University

One of Michele’s lectures about SEO and web marketing at Bocconi University

Università Bocconi, Milano


SMAU Milano

SMAU Milan

Michele De Capitani instructor and lecturer at the SMAU fair organized in Milan

Since he was a young boy, web enthusiast Michele De Capitani has shown a keen talent in mastering the digital world.
When he was just a 8 years old boy, he started to program his first computer games. He immediately understood that that passion had to become his profession, so he attended one of the first schools with an IT curriculum.

When he was 18 he created his first website and learned by himself how to master the main software, programming languages and computer graphics.

In those years, the Internet was beginning to spread in Italy and Michele turned his principal passions – marketing and IT – into his profession.

He immediately stood out among other IT specialists, also thanks to the publication of an essay titled: “Guida al posizione sui motori di ricerca” (Guide to search engine ranking). This technical manual for insiders has been downloaded by more than 10.000 computer technicians and republished on hundreds of portals and specialized magazines.

Soon, his technical expertise was recognized in the business world and Michele De Capitani began to be invited, as an expert, to give lectures in the most prestigious conferences of the sector.

He became columnist in professional magazines, moderator of the main web marketing communities and of national newspapers like Repubblica.it.

Therefore, he soon became a leading figure in the world of Italian web specialists. His recognized professionalism allowed him to deal with the education of many specialists, including some university professors.

As a trainer, he is recognized in the academic world, too, and has been invited to give some lectures, some of them in the prestigious Bocconi University in Milan.

In 2006 he met businessman Giuliano De Danieli and together they founded the renowned Web Marketing Agency Prima Posizione. Michele is the president and technical manager of Prima Posizione, a company which helps thousands of businessmen realize their full commercial potential on the web with exceptional success.

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