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Analisi Scientifica

ISOLI.IT gets 2 lead per week in the first 4 months

Isoli Spa, a company from Padua with years of experience in the production of aerial work platforms, breakdown trucks and special military trucks, in the first 4 months of PPC activity gets 2 highly profiled requests for quotation, per week.

  • Improve the requests for quotation from the website www.isoli.it

  • Realization of a PPC campaign on Google Adwords with split-test on the landing page and weekly supervising of the results.
  • Realization of landing pages specifically designed to achieve a high conversion rate, targeted to potential customers interested in purchase aerial work platforms above all.

      • Thanks to the "Scientific analysis", Isoli Spa got 2 highly-targeted requests for quotation per week (accuracy ratio 90%) in the first 4 months of PPC campaigns.